how_we_do2I was asked after the presentations in class about how I would plan to change an entire schools operating system and plans that would need to be put in place as a result to cater for this change. This made me think, I had not considered just how this change would affect an entire school. Initially approval by state governing bodies would be needed before any state school could be allowed to use it, making sure the system operated safely. There would also need to be some collaboration into how the program would be interphase or even used so as not to disrupt the schools already existing way of functioning.

Initially if a school were to accept the Neo Operating System then there would need to be a few days where technicians would work with the school teck staff to help align and install, making sure it is functioning well before the students return back to school. After which there would need to be a master class for all teachers to give them a crash course in operating and navigating the new program. This would be done by a member of the Neo team who would spend 1 – 2 days explaining and providing information or a “crash-course”. This is as the teachers would then need to explain how the students need to use it in their lessons


There could be a trial period, this would be done to provide the school with an idea of how it can be used and if it would work in their school before purchasing the program, selecting a variety of the classes from the school to do a trial period and see if the students liked its easy access and straight forward operating system. This trial period would most likely be done as an early involvement in schools before to help our developers change anything if necessary and then start simply offering it as a product.