It was an honour for me on Monday to pitch Learn at Home, Teach at School (LAHTAS) to the shark tank at the festival of ideas.  It was also really uplifting to hear from the other speakers on how passionate they were about their great ideas.

Overall I believe there was a positive acceptance of my idea however, there were a few suggestions which I will certainly be taking on board.  These included the instant messenger feature as well as its similarity to some other products.


What will be under review?

Instant messenger feature

  • As already alluded by my fellow colleagues the amount of time and effort to maintain this feature from a teacher would be too much
  • Therefore, it was proposed that if the students had a particular time frame in which they can contact their teacher it may be more feasible
  • Another option is to create a message feature like emails within the program thus reducing the need for further programs

Similarity between rival products

  • Another point that was brought up in the festival was the similarity between blackboard
  • Learn at home teach at school will have similar features to that of blackboard however, LAHTAS has video creating, editing and sharing capabilities within the application.
  • I believe the key selling point to this product is the ease of having everything in one place, and no need to save files or information in separate places
  • Thus making it easier to find and save work
  • LAHAS seems to be a product which draws inspiration from other products

Once again it was a pleasure to have feedback on my idea from some prestigious guests.  I have thoroughly enjoyed this process creating LAHTAS and i still look forward to hearing your further feedback.  I wish all my other colleagues the best of luck with some of their great ideas that will hopefully make production.