Sliders was pitched the other day. Done in 3 minutes and 3 powerpoint slides. I hope they understood what the idea was. If only there was a way I could have checked…

In the spirit of 3’s, a 3 word summary: Good, Distinguish, Details.

Good: The responses indicated that this was seen as a good idea that had potential to help teachers quickly assess how their students were faring with a particular class. Drawn for special interest was the anonymous nature of the response and the trust given to students to report their own understanding.

Distinguish: Sliders has competitive. What makes it better? Crowd and judge comments drew attention to a number of competing products and asked how Sliders would distinguish itself. This was hard to address in 3 minutes and 3 slides, so we’ll expand here. The traits that Sliders will look to compete on is its broad range of technological accessibilities and its links with class and unit objectives. By allowing sliders to be accessed across a range of technologies at the one time, means that it is easier accessed and more broadly accessible than other products that may only compete with 1 or 2 of the 3 methods (Computer software, app, internet) that Sliders brings to the table. Secondly, by linking sliders with the lesson objectives students can directly see how they are tracking towards the unit goals rather than just their confidence in a standalone task.

Details: It was recommended, and good recommendations they were, that Sliders could be improved by having more text markers along the ‘Slide’ so that students can better determine where their understanding was and that there was potential for there to be a short dialogue option that could provide students with the options of putting a short twitter like comment or question on their understanding in. This would allow access to more details for the teacher without slowing down the process. I think it’s a great idea and will definitely form a part of the idea.

This may be it for Sliders for the moment. It’s been a journey, but I feel like a full figured idea has come out the other end and has stood up to an examination from the world, while being pointed in the direction it should move .

I described our pitch response in 3 words. Now, at the end, can you describe Sliders in 3?