Well today is my last blog. This is it the end of a journey and what a journey it has been. We started with a simple idea and now many weeks later that idea is a really thing!

Today I had an opportunity to pitch my idea to a panel and an audience of PE teachers and the feedback I received was amazing! They said that the simplicity of the idea was great and the fact that I don’t need any type of funding makes it a viable idea right now. So I have done it, as of today the YouTube channel Teach-a-Teacher is up and running. For now the updates will be slow when I find videos that have helped me plan a lesson I will add them to a playlist. Because I am still at uni I’m not yet teaching full time so there won’t be massive amounts of activity for a while. For now there is just one Playlist and that is for badminton they are videos I have used to help me plan lessons on prac. Obviously this isn’t too helpful for anyone teaching anything other than Badminton so this is where you come in. I would like you to direct message the YouTube channel with one video that helped you teach a sport you have had to teach on prac. Assuming they are appropriate the videos will form the beginning of a playlist for that sport.

Thank you for keeping up with my blogs and being with me for this journey. It’s really exciting for this idea to become a reality and with your help it can be more than that it can be something that really makes a difference to teachers. So get on board and we can make something great.