Hello again everyone. It’s been a while but I’m back. Last time we talked about my solution to the problem facing teachers around Australia. Just as a refresher teachers are spending a lot of time out side of class learning content and planning lessons. It is my aim to cut down this time by providing a more efficient way of learning the content. My solution? YouTube! For the simple reasons that it is already a really popular platform meaning there shouldn’t be any IT issues in getting it running or for teachers using it, most of them already know how to use the site. Another great reason to use YouTube especially for a Uni student like me is that it is free to set up. I won’t have to pay for a domain or hire someone to design the website for me. All these things make the idea seem pretty fool proof but there are a few issues that need sorting out. For now I see a few problems. The first one I see is that some channels may not be happy about their videos being put in another place. I don’t think that it will be a big problem, most channels would welcome the opportunity for more views but some channels might not want there video being spread. I think that this can be solved pretty simply. Asking for permission before the video gets added will make sure that the channels know that the video is going up on this channel and if they have a problem the video doesn’t get added. The next problem is the content that actually gets added. As a PE teacher it is fairly easy to choose videos for the PE section of the channel but I don’t have the same expertise in other subject areas so how do I know what I’m adding is a reliable resource. I haven’t figured out how to solve that one yet but it’s the only real problem I see at the moment. So if you have any ideas let me know I’m all ears.