Welcome everyone, I think I’ve got it! Last time I left you with a problem and between now and then I think I have found a solution. So the problem was that I didn’t have the expertise to pick videos for the channel in subject areas outside of PE and the answer is simple. Use other peoples’ expertise, I think that the best way to ensure the videos are going to be relevant is to have a few teachers from other areas also helping select videos for the channel. So that’s one detail sorted out. Now there is a few more things that I need to tell you all about because so far I haven’t given too much detail on haw the channel will actually run.  So far you know that there is going to be a YouTube channel and it will have videos helping teachers in all subject areas and you now know those videos will be chosen by a group of teachers. But other than that you don’t know how it is going to work. There isn’t too much to add but I feel like you should know the criteria that will be used to choose the videos. So here it goes First of all the video needs to be good quality no one likes to watch a video shot with a camera that cant show you the detail you need this will be especially true for the videos in the PE playlists. Next the videos need to be from a reliable resource, It’s no good having video to teach you about a subject if the video is telling you the wrong thing. To ensure that this happens  I’m going to try and stick to quite popular channels this makes it less likely that they are presenting false information. As a double measure the people adding the videos will be adding videos for their field so they have a good idea on what is right and wrong. The next criteria isn’t as important but are all aimed towards making using the channel an enjoyable experience. This is to try and make the videos as enjoyable as possible because this site is about learning and having a boring uninteresting video to learn from is going to make that process harder.

So that is how the videos are going to be chosen, but finding them will be up to you guys. Obviously I and the people helping me will do our bit but we cant find everything. So people can suggest videos they find to the channel and we will check them out and decide according to our criteria if they are appropriate for the channel.  If you see any other problems that I am not addressing please let me know in the comments.