Firstly, thank you and welcome guests to this festival of ideas.  It’s great to be here at this prestigious location and it was an honor to be a keynote speaker at this event.  My great idea concerns the teaching technique of the flipped classroom. Where you can flip the traditional thought of teaching as you can see from the screen.  My idea is a web based program with app capabilities to assist this.  Students will have access to class resources and videos from their teachers, and an ease of communication between their teachers.  It also allows for video editing capabilities for the teacher with in application saving and uploading.  For marketing sake I’ve called it Learn at Home, Teach at School, or LAHTAS for short.

Doing some quick searches on the internet, there didn’t seem to be a dedicated application to a flipped classroom.  Many sites suggested the 10 best apps to aid a flipped classroom based on what teachers themselves use.  Some of these applications included, Dropbox, Blackboard and probably the most used application is YouTube.

What makes LAHTAS stand out from the competitors is the ability to draw upon previous program features with some its own key features.  To start off, there is an ability for students to be in contact with the teachers 24/7 with an instant message system.  They will be able to receive immediate feedback on key learning points from the videos or class topics.  Secondly, as most if not all devices now contain a camera, teachers are able to create, edit and share their videos within the system.  There would be no need for third party programs to save separate files in different locations, it would all be done in a ‘cloud’ like feature.

Engaging in professional discussion with my fellow BHSPE colleagues, there was a mutual agreeance on how beneficial having everything in one place was.  The fact that students when studying for exams and doing homework tasks are able to access class resources at home is a valuable asset.  In terms of the cloud feature, they thought this would be very beneficial for assessment pieces, this is something which I didn’t consider.  It was suggested that the students are able to upload their submissions, rather than a hard copy, allows them to gain feedback comments online from their teacher and then utilising the instant messenger feature to clarify any comments or questions.  This would be a quicker and easier way than handing back a hard copy of their reviewed assessment then having to wait for the next lesson to gain clarification.

In closing, this product I believe has many beneficial qualities for both teachers and students.  The ability of teachers having their students arriving to class with the key topics already learnt can lead to enhanced learning opportunities.  For example, teachers could then bridge the gap between the theory and prac barriers in HPE.  If students were to have prior knowledge on training principles for example, they could then use their class time to demonstrate and get hands on experience with the activities and create further class discussion.

Once again I would like to thank you for your time, and I hope you enjoy the rest of the festival.