purewow-ironing-830x524After coming up with this “good idea” and thinking it would be perfect to integrate into a schooling environment, I thought I should ask others, especially those who are already working in it. Prac is only a small glimpse and all I have to go off, so I decided to take the time and chat with my fellow prac partner and supervising teacher about the issue to see what they thought of my ideas practicality.


  • It was noted that there was no accountability for students who may be in a lower S.E.S and their ability to perches the program which was the initial idea. All student would have to buy and upload onto their computers at home. This made me change the focus, targeting specifically schools that supply laptops to all students from 7-12.
  • The program lacked basic and necessary programs most importantly some form of word, PowerPoint etc. This was thought of as a great opportunity to approach Microsoft and see if they would like to allow the use of their programs to be sold alongside mine which would then work together. The cost as a result would change from the initial $30 per computer to $60, however the majority of the cost would be to perches Microsoft. However, if the school computers already have Word, the price would be halved, only covering the cost of my system.
  • Monitoring the site, if there is communication between students and teachers/student and student then there must be some way of making sure it is safe from bullying. This was where a logging system could come into play keeping all chat content that cannot be deleted or hidden, this would be accessible to teachers/principles if necessary.

Good Points:

  • School wide method of handing in assignments, all student can submit online through the system depending on what the assignment is. If they are late, the option closes off and then they need to hand it in in person with reasons as to why they did not complete their work.
  • There is a student and teacher version which is very important to help with unit flow and sharing of relevant information.
  • Communication aspect cane be used to talk about subject specific content and to those in the same subject/teacher to ask for help outside of school.
  • Access to ACARA/Australian curriculum and sharing of information easily to all teachers would be a great thing. Having it on tap and being able to share with others is great when under pressure and you need help.

Prac Partner: “I saw that you initially started with looking at teacher stress and work load in previous blogs. I think the way you are approaching this is really good through the features of the system. This looks like it has adapted from a bit more from your idea into a way to make school for teachers easier, allowing more time to focus on education.”

For a detail explanation from start to finish – stay tuned, finished product reviled soon!