Teacher with papers

It is a well-known fact that each school is run and operated through various systems and programs which have made teachers adapt or enhanced their teaching styles. They are put through many different and challenging situations each day and to top it all off take their work home with them raising and increasing the level of stress they are feeling. Just like a marathon runner, teachers are in it for the long run but are often over worked and under slept by the end of their “race.” Some might say they even resemble that of an Olympic runner however, teachers have been running all year. In the way of the digital era, there are programs such as Blackboard, Moodle and Pearson ECollege that are all used in some form of education and would be the biggest competitors to the program I am proposing. A program to help decrease stress and increase sleep so to say. A way to share and collaborate and communicate between staff, teachers and cohorts/students at the click of a button.

Top 3 Competitors:


Blackboard is a system currently used in university styled education but not high school learning environments. It boasts an impressive ability to provide lecture recordings, notes and material for students before and after lessons to help assist in each learners individual study. It has the ability to be used as a notice board and system of communication between lecturer and student while all the time being monitored

Pearson ECollege:

What it offers: Various services, including Pearson Learning Studio, which offers a learning management system and cloud computing for educators.
Who it’s for: Higher education and K-12 schools internationally.
Selling points: Customization options, social learning and options for distance learning.


What it offers: Open source software for online courses and websites. It was originally an acronym for “Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment.”
Who it’s for: Teachers and institutions with the ability to host their own installation of the service.
Selling points: Free and customizable. Moodle has attracted its own ecosystem of developers, users and Moodle-based services.

These three programs are evident that there is indeed a market and a need for an idea such as this. This just goes to show how just how teachers’ lives are becoming ever so stressful. There is a market out there to help assist them inside and out with their students learning.