Learn at Home, Teach at School is now officially out there, and I couldn’t be happier to hear some of your feedback.  I wanted to get your perspective and thoughts on LAHTAS, so I asked some of my fellow colleagues what they thought.

There was a mutual agreeance on how beneficial having everything in one place.  The fact that students when studying for exams and doing homework tasks are able to access class resources at home is a valuable asset.  The time saving factor for teachers as well with having all their video editing tools and software in one place was also mentioned.  In terms of the cloud feature, they thought this would be very beneficial for assessment pieces, this is something which I didn’t consider.  It was suggested that the students are able to upload their submissions, rather than a hard copy, allows them to gain feedback comments online from their teacher and then utilising the instant messenger feature to clarify any comments or questions.  This would be a quicker and easier way than handing back a hard copy of their reviewed assessment then having to wait for the next lesson to gain clarification.

The one feature that they seemed to admire was the instant message feature.  My colleagues thought that the instant messenger was a great idea in gaining quick responses from the teacher to the students however, it requires extra maintenance by the teacher.  If the teacher was to have 5 classes with 25 students per class, having each student message the teacher would create too much extra work.  Some suggestions were to have emails or notification when there are incoming messages to sort them into categories based on what the students ask.  Nonetheless, if the teacher is receiving the same topic of responses they would then be able to direct their lesson to address that issue.

The next time you will hear from me is at the festival of ideas where I’ll pitch my revised digital idea to the guest audience.  I look forward to seeing you all there.