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Flipped classrooms is becoming an increasingly popular technique for teaching (Hotle & Garrow, 2015).  By doing a quick search online, there are many different software and programs that assist teachers to facilitate a flipped classroom.  These include YouTube (a video sharing program), Dropbox (a resource sharing program), Poll Everywhere (teachers gain feedback through polls/questionnaires in class) and Blackboard (an e-learning system) (Dunn, 2015).  There doesn’t seem to be a program that is dedicated to a flipped classroom.  Teachers are either having to use separate programs to firstly film, then edit and then post their videos.  Not only this, but then to organise class materials for the students to use and engage with in class and be able to easily distribute them requires another program. This is where LAHTAS came to mind.  A web based program with app capabilities combining the key features that teachers need to facilitate a flipped classroom in one program.  I’ve done lots of planning and the above infographic outlays my thought process.

I would love to hear your feedback on my idea and any considerations i may have missed.



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