So last blog I talked about my way of helping teachers cut down the time spent outside of school planning and learning content. In case you can’t remember that far back (I definitely struggled) I proposed using YouTube to group together the collective knowledge of the internet into one channel aimed at helping teachers learn and plan faster. But why is You Tube the best place to do this. Why not make a Wiki or a tag onto a drop box that already exists. Well I have a few reasons.

The first reasons is that YouTube is already the most use source in young teachers. In a survey conducted on 3rd year teaching students asking their preferred resource for lesson planning 22 of the 38 votes went to YouTube. I believe that this is because YouTube is a simple video platform its so quick to find what you want. This easy of use is what students value the most. When I approach Uni Work my first thought is usually how fast can I do this. Through a You Tube tutorial you can learn the basic techniques of a sport in around 3 minutes. It has so much content as well search any sport and there will be hundreds of people giving tutorials for the different techniques required and this adds to the efficiency because you are never left searching around trying to find a suitable resource. That brings me to my last point suitable resources with content so easily made experts in their field are making videos all the time. Channels like Smarter Everyday where you can be taught science and physics by an actual rocket scientist, and Veritasium where a university lecturer travels the world answering science questions sent in by viewers. It is very rare on that on You Tube you are unable to find a quality resource. If successful the YouTube channel will have chosen the best videos anyway. All you’d need to do is search the name or the subject or sport and playlists of all the suitable resources will be there. Making an already popular and efficient resources even better!

Lastly I’d like you to check out the two YouTube channels mentioned above they have been hyper linked so next time you are procrastinating on YouTube at least you will learn something.