One idea that has been noted is a very simple and easily applicable solution, combining all these great aspects from each existing program and creating a brand new system that is for both teachers and students. This is a similar concept as to the blackboard system we here at university use however applied in a different way to target different areas. Obviously communication between teachers is something that needs to be done to share ideas, explain situations, share knowledge and resources on topics and students. This can take the burden off of many teachers in subject areas they don’t know overly. Having all this information at their finger tips should reduce the time they would normally have to research and  comprehend certain aspects when their fellow teachers have all the resources they need. This could be a great tool used within any school system and something very achievable that could be implemented very easily. The concept of “idea sex” is something that has benefited our culture and society for many years. Without this concept of sharing and combining ideas with others, simple things like the ‘computer mouse’ would never have existed.

The following Ted Talk video in short sums up the concept of sharing and combining ideas which is where my own idea for a new system incorporating all/certain aspects of others was derived from: