In previous posts, I’ve mentioned how there is a lack of resources available to assist teachers facilitate a flipped classroom, hence the reason why I proposed my website/app dedicated to the flipped classroom.  However, there are some similar applications which possess some of the same qualities as my idea.  These include, but are not limited to: YouTube, Blackboard and Dropbox.


YouTube is an online video sharing service where its users upload videos and can share it’s amongst the world.  Many teachers that use the flipped classroom technique use YouTube as a resource.  However, it can also be used as a distraction to the students, as they can easily get side-tracked with recommended videos being displayed in the side bar.  Furthermore, if the video is on a sensitive topic, inappropriate videos could then be recommended to the students.


Blackboard is an e-learning system that allows online learning experiences, assessment resource and learning material resources on a web-based application.  It also allows for students and teachers to communicate online and provide online assessment items such as tests and electronic submission.  Many schools have already been using the Blackboard system, providing students with course readings and class materials.


Dropbox is an online storage/sharing service, which allows its users to save documents and files online to be readily available.  If you are a member of a particular group within Dropbox, you can upload and download any files that members upload.  These files can then be changed by other members and the updated versions can be downloaded and viewed.  However, it lacks to communication tools such as the ones used in blackboard.


These applications all share the same principle of being able to access content freely and instantly.  However the major difference between these, in a flipped classroom scenario, is the ability to communicate between teacher and student.  My idea is a combination of some of these applications, drawing on the ability to instantly share video and resources and communicate between the students.  More specifically, the ability of students to have quick communication access to their teacher, also making the website more student friendly.  Stay tuned for next week’s blog which will outline this resource.