Technology now days is meant to make life easier, do things for us that would usually take up a lot of our time like research, communication and even organizing dinner. The same can be said for the education sector and its use of these technological advancements. There are a series of already existing tools out there for use by teachers that were made and put in place to ease or target reducing teacher work-loads in the school setting. Some of these systems are already in education settings such as Oneschool, OnePortal, and the use of a school intranet for data sharing and in school apps for anonymous bullying reports from students to teachers. All these systems play big roles in assisting how teachers tackle their classes, dealing with behavior management, plan their lessons and make a safe and productive learning environment for their class.

Oneschool in particular has many advantages facilitating teachers with the means to fill out risk assessments, dealing with troubled children, providing background information on students through past results. It provides an avenue for reporting of behavior issues by allowing teachers to report incidences that occur during their lessons in an “incident report” that is filed and documented. OneSchool provides the opportunity to work smart, effectively and efficiently while data is being integrated to provide the whole student profile and to engage with parents. Schools are using the functionality specific to their type of school. Schools liked the consistent nature of the application and able to utilize OneSchool as it suited their school. As a result it can be seen that it plays a large role in many schools with the blessing of many staff and teachers.

Similar to this is the OnePortal system, this is like the OneSchool although used to handle issues that are not as severs in nature. OnePortal is the department’s intranet for all school based staff. It provides a gateway to information and resources providing access to information needed to do their jobs and a range of online communication and collaboration tools that are ideal for team work. OnePortal has become the ‘virtual front door’ to all web-based and departmental content.

The benefits of OnePortal – QLD SMARTclassrooms:

  • Enhanced productivity and greater sharing of knowledge.
  • Increased independence in sourcing information.
  • Improved communication, collaboration and decision making through better access to information.
  • An area customised to your needs and interests.
  • Centralised point to access other departmental systems and resources.

These ideas are all great on their own but there is much that can be done to improve them and enhance their functionality by combining some aspects of each. The hope is to create one system that takes care of all a teacher’s needs and is still very easy to use, a one stop shop for teachers if you will.