Just Google YouTube it ?

In my last two blogs I have discussed the challenges teachers face in finding time to properly learn the content they are expected to teach. They do so much else outside of school that learning new content for classes is just adding to the work load. I think all teachers and preservice teachers would agree that learning this content quicker will be beneficial to everyone involved. I have an idea that I think will help teachers out in this respect. I want to make a type of resource data base for teachers to look up relevant content. I know what you’re thinking “That already exists!!!!” And I hear you there are plenty of them out there, but if it is out there then why are teachers using it? My thought is that the learning methods are a bit dry…. The one school data bases and other similar resources are mostly about providing information and resources through text. My plan is to have a YouTube channel set up with libraries of helpful videos on every subject a teacher may need. Such as chemistry, history, English, HPE, etc. These subject folders would then have video playlists on each topic relevant to teachers in Australia. By using content that has already been produced and is popular on YouTube. Teachers can learn the content they need to in a more engaging and enjoyable way, hopefully cutting down the time spent reading documents in the topic. This concept is quite similar to a channel called Crash Course where two brothers do a series of videos on a subject or topic aimed at teachers and students. However this content is created by the YouTube channel and they can only cover so much. So far they have covered the sciences, literature and history. This means that they are missing lesson and resources for teachers in PE or maths for example. With my channel there will be content from creators all over YouTube providing expertise in many subject areas and presentation styles giving teachers more choice in how they learn the content.

So there are educators all over YouTube I would love it if you could have a look and post a channel you have found. Help me get started with helpful content.