In this day and age I think we can all agree that technology and innovative ideas have advanced in leaps and bounds, transforming all aspects of society – directly or indirectly. I believe this exponential growth can be harnessed and used as an equalizing tool for individuals with disabilities.

Imagine yourself standing in an open space facing a large screen. At your feet is a Wii balance board, fastened around your wrist is a Wii controller. With that small device, you have more than just a say in your journey, you have control. Looking up at the screen ahead, you recognize the familiar smiling facing that greets you by name and welcomes you back. This is the smile of someone completely invested in you and your learning journey.

Now take a step back. You’ve just placed yourself in the shoes of a student involved in the program Hii Skills.  So after much thought and deliberation I’d like to properly introduce my Big Digital Idea.

Put simply, Hii Skills is basically the combination of online distance education, wii sports and special education aiming to combat issues involved with inclusive education and the limited teacher aide sources. Hii Skills aims to oppose traditional practices by providing appropriate levels of physical activity and individualized achievable goals using digital technology and one-on-one attention.

Hii Skills is targeted towards students who have difficulty obtaining general motor skill development and awareness. Instead of being restrictive and therapy focused, Hii Skills provides engaging learning experiences which foster positive attitudes about physical activity and address physical issues such as; poor muscle tone, motor planning problems, hand function problems, poor balance and limited hand-eye coordination – skills that can be transferred across multiple contexts.

Hii Skills would also address the balance between appropriate levels of inclusive practices and the need for specialized attention. Now, I’m not proposing students who would benefit from this program would participate in Hii Skills instead of regular HPE. On the contrary, there are many incredibly important benefits to inclusive education (such as socialisation) in HPE. Instead, Hii Skills would replace 1 lesson per timetable rotation to allow the student to focus on individually relevant developmental skills.

With proper planning and reflection, I hope to develop Hii Skills from a small idea into a fully formed and functional teaching resource.Wordle