It is a well-known fact that with any job there is associated stress, however teachers are under ever increasing pressure to be more than just teachers. The role of nurturing and developing student’s potential is a thing of the past. In today’s society teachers work comprises of “complex mix of various factors that include teaching, learning new information and skills, keeping abreast of technological innovations and deal with students, parents and community” (Australian Journal of Teaching Standards). Emerging issues of concern in the teaching profession are attrition rates and burnout levels, Ewing and Smith, (2003) reported that between 25 and 40% of beginning teachers in the countries in the Western Word are leaving due or are burned out.

Peoples behavior and body language as we all very well know can have a large impact those around them. A teachers positive or negative well-being can impact on students and their learning when in the classroom as a result. This is solely dependent on the stress in which the teacher is under which can determine how well the lesson will run to some extent. According to Donna Cross, Professor at Winthorp, “sources of high level teacher stress are workload, workplace conditions and climate, and expectations”. This along with classroom climate (aggression from pupils and parents) excessive workload and hours plus poor student behavior can really diminish the ability of a teacher to do their job to the best of their abilities.

Through research, this has been noted as there is a plethora of studies conducted on both Australian as well as Western teachers in regards to stress and even burnout. This is an issue which has been looked at for quite some time as the ever increasing pressure of teaching begins to show its ugly face. I feel that Education Queensland as a result of creating the C2C lessons and through the introduction of ONESCHOOL in particular has made head way into efforts of simplifying work load and therefore stress amongst teachers. These outlets create a form of student, curriculum and learning, finance and asset, resource management, performance reporting and analysis system. Although is it enough to aid teachers in their work if they are still suffering from immense stress and workloads? Or has this system in turn done the opposite and provided the belief that because the information has already been supplied, that means teachers will have more time on their hands for an increased workload?