So if you remember back to last week I talked about how teachers need to be learning new content all the time. The problem is that they need to do it so quickly because the time available to them is so short. Teacher workloads are pretty intense especially the longer they are at a school, this usually means they would have inherited more jobs and responsibilities. So when does this give them time to learn the new content and then write lesson plans, the time is always so short but there is always so much to do. The answer sadly is at home. In 2005 Graham Butt and Ann Lance found that secondary school teachers were spending 9.7 hours a week outside of school doing school related work and a further 3 hours on weekends usually a Sunday. As a training teacher this is a little worrying, on one hand it is probably no different to being at school or Uni but I thought I would get to leave that all behind once I graduated. I think a lot of this work is probably related to assessment i.e. marking assignments and tests. But I am sure that teachers are doing lesson and unit plans at home and I feel that this is an area that could possibly be improved upon. Any reduction in this time will be time used for better things, even cutting this time by one or two hours would be a noticeable difference for most teachers, letting them relax a little and reduce some of the stress that comes with the profession.

So tell me what you think. How can we reduce the time teachers have to spend outside of school to do the work expected of them?