All teachers lead a busy and stressful life, it is part of the job some would say. As spoken about by Charlotte Danielson’s Enhancing Professional Practice,

the physical demands of the job are daunting, requiring enormous stamina.

The enormous amount of planning and preparation that goes into a single class can be quite overwhelming. More often than not, talk around the staff room would consist of needing assessment, lab safety/risk assessments and marking done before a particular deadline. Teacher stress as a result can rise and cause certain aspects of their job to be affected such as their teaching.  Additional workloads as a result, can chew into their work time as well as their time outside of school.  This pyramid of preparing/planning, grading and safety management is something that must be considered when going into their lessons in particular science and HPE/Outdoor Rec teachers to name a few.

These areas of schooling entail many safety risks to both students and teachers and can often require much time being spent into looking at safety features and considerations to implement this activity in a school environment in a safe and educational manor. Best of Bilash: Teacher Pressure states that

teachers without good time management skills will find themselves under a lot of stress when trying to deal with all these responsibilities.

This is totally understandable as every day for teachers could present more and more unforeseen challenges to deal with. Looking at risk assessments specifically done at state schools can be pages and pages long, covering every detail of the practicum in such fine detail. This task alone can sometimes taking up much valued time to complete although completely necessary. From recent experience dealing with a school environment, it was noted that this trifecta of things caused many teachers a lot of unwanted stress and impacted severely on their time regarding other matters whilst at school. This forces other issues to be put on the back burner and again cause stress later on and chew into a teacher’s personal time, still needing to get this work done.

So to all my followers I pose this question to you: What can be done to relieve teachers of this ever increasing stress and workload?